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Journal Publications

  • Back to Normal? Harnessing long short-term memory to examine the associations between social interactions and depressive symptoms during different stages of COVID-19
    H. Benisty*, A. Zhang*, J. Joormann, H. Kober, R. Gadassi Polack
    Submitted (code)

  • Data processing of functional optical Microscopy for neuroscience
    H. Benisty, A. Song, G. Mishne, and A.S. Charles
    europhoton, 2022

  • Rapid fluctuations in functional connectivity of cortical networks encode spontaneous behavior
    H. Benisty, A. Moberly, S. Lohani, D. Barson, R.R. Coifman, G. Mishne, J. Cardin, and M.J. Higley
    Under Revision (available on bioRxiv, code)

  • Dual color mesoscopic imaging reveals spatiotemporally heterogeneous coordination of cholinergic and neocortical activity
    S. Lohani*, A. Moberly*, H. Benisty, B. Landa, M. Jing, Y. Li, M.J. Higley, and J.A. Cardin
    In press, Nature Neuroscience (available on bioRxiv)

Conference Proceedings

Peer-Reviewed Abstracts/Talks

  • Dynamic cortical network architecture corresponds to state-dependent visual perception
    H. Benisty*, L. Mark*, L. Tang, J.A. Cardin and M.J. Higley
    Cosyne 2021 (abstract)


  • Hierarchical Tensor Partitioning and Tiling for Learning Coupled Multiscale Neuronal Dynamics
    G. Mishne*, H. Benisty*, M. Lavzin, S. Levy, R. Talmon, R. Meir, J. Schiller and R.R. Coifman
    Cosyne 2020 (abstract)

  • Dynamic functional connectivity of cortical networks during behavior
    H. Benisty
    Yale University, 2019 (seminar)

  • Manifold Learning – Theory and Applications for Analysis of Mesoscopic Imaging Data
    H. Benisty
    Janelia Research Campus, 2019 (workshop)

  • Quantifying relationships between behavior and cell type specific neuronal activity in motor cortex using a generalized linear model
    H. Benisty, M. Lavzin, S. Levi, G. Mishne R. Talmon R. Meir J. Schiller and R.R. Coifman
    CRCNS, 2019 (abstract)

  • Data-driven geometry learning for parametrically dependent dynamical systems
    H. Benisty
    Yale University, 2018 (seminar)

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