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Journal Publications

Conference Proceedings

Peer-Reviewed Abstracts/Talks

  • Dynamic cortical network architecture corresponds to state-dependent visual perception
    H. Benisty*, L. Mark*, L. Tang, J.A. Cardin and M.J. Higley
    Cosyne 2021 (abstract)


  • Hierarchical Tensor Partitioning and Tiling for Learning Coupled Multiscale Neuronal Dynamics
    G. Mishne*, H. Benisty*, M. Lavzin, S. Levy, R. Talmon, R. Meir, J. Schiller and R.R. Coifman
    Cosyne 2020 (abstract)

  • Dynamic functional connectivity of cortical networks during behavior
    H. Benisty
    Yale University, 2019 (seminar)

  • Manifold Learning – Theory and Applications for Analysis of Mesoscopic Imaging Data
    H. Benisty
    Janelia Research Campus, 2019 (workshop)

  • Quantifying relationships between behavior and cell type specific neuronal activity in motor cortex using a generalized linear model
    H. Benisty, M. Lavzin, S. Levi, G. Mishne R. Talmon R. Meir J. Schiller and R.R. Coifman
    CRCNS, 2019 (abstract)

  • Data-driven geometry learning for parametrically dependent dynamical systems
    H. Benisty
    Yale University, 2018 (seminar)

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