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Hadas Benisty

Hadas Benisty

I am an Associate Research Scientist at the Neuroscience Department at Yale University. I work with Prof. Michael Higley (Neuroscience) and Prof. Ronald Coifman (Applied Math).


I have completed my Ph.D. at the Technion's Faculty of Electrical Engineering, working with Profs. David Malah and Koby Crammer and collaborated with Prof. Ronen Talmon and Prof. Jackie Schiller (School of Medicine).

I am interested in investigating the dynamics of neuronal networks and how their organizational principles and plasticity mechanisms relate to behavior in healthy animals as well as in models of neurodevelopmental or degenerative disorders.

Research Interests

  • Advanced Analysis Methods for Neuroscience Applications

  • Cortical Networks – Temporal Evolution and Plasticity Through Behavior and Training

  • Statistical Dynamical Systems and Networks Analysis

  • Interpretable Models and Representations for High Dimensional Dynamical Signals

  • Diffusion Geometry

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